Zionism Research Paper

The Zionism Research Paper

Zionism is a national movement, which is believed to have been introduced by Theodor Herzl in 19th century. Zionism relates to Judaism and Jewish cultures. Zionism came because of need to build or construct a Jewish life due to modernity and that could only happen in Eretz Israel. The original goal of Zionism was to support and create a Jewish national state at Palestine. The current form of Zionism is to dominate Middle East and the Palestine. The Zionism movement insisted on creating a home for the Jews in order to have a collective identity. Through creation of a Jewish home, the Jews would then respond to the challenges of modernity through the formation of a Jewish country in Israel. There was mass immigration after the Zionist movement(Gottheil, 20).

The time came for Jewish to go back to their ancestral land. The Jews were encouraged by the strong intervention from “messiahs”. The messiahs persuaded the Jews to go back to Palestine. The Jews believed that their state happened after Jacob took his sons and fled to Egypt due to the drought. While there, they were made slaves but later formed a nation. Moses was instructed by god to go and rescue his people so he went before pharaoh and demanded him to let his people free. This consists of the story of plagues and the movement from Egypt, which happened around 1400BC.These celebrations are held every year during Passover.Zionism also gives us a good example to the reason of nationalism in rebuilding of countries. Zionism also, according to Anderson,is a nationalism process of recalling and forgetting important ideas of the same identities. The normal explanation of how Zionism emerged is due to widely spread of anti-Semitism. The Zionism movement came because of anti-Semitic events in the 18th century (Friedman, 10).

The main proponents of Zionism included Rabbi YehudahAlkalay(1798-1878) and RrabbiZevi Hirsch Kalischer. They were the first ones to argue that Jews live in Eretz Israel and this was to prepare them of the coming of Messiah. In addition, Moses Hess played a major role in supporting Zionism. He argued that Jews needed to be a nation because they had unique characters whose importance should be identified not only in the basis of a religious group.Zionism involved both tangible and spiritual aims. All Jews of different persuasions came together and formed the Zionist movement. There have been disagreements in its philosophy, which has led to differences, and rifts in the Zionism movement. These rifts or differences have resulted to a number of forms of the Zionism movement (Laqueur, 12).

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