Seek Computer Science Homework Help or Do It Yourself?

Becoming a computer scientists is not easy and I promise you will have three friends at most: Your mac / computer, IDE, and Coffee!

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma. You got some work to do and you don’t feel like doing it? It happens all the time. I remember taking my first computing class! I barely knew how to write a single line of code, leave alone writing the entire program that prints the infamous ‘Hello World’ in C. I believed in myself so I had to learn how to code and eventually through seeking computer science homework help online, I am now a seasoned web developer with a number of clients working at the comfort  of my small office in a foreign country.

We have all been stuck with school work no matter how good we are. May be you went out and had a lot of fun, you were sick, or you were as lazy I was while in college. (I am no longer freaking lazy! I can now sit in front of my computer for nearly 24 hours without taking a single sip of coffee!) Of course life is the real teacher, I have learnt the better share of my lesson.

Before I delve into whether it makes sense to get help with computer homework online or not, allow me to discuss why I feel that computer science is a course is important if you love computing and love them machines! Even if it means taking an online computer science course at Harvard Extension School!- I use their videos to learn and I would recommend you check them out.

Life For Computer Scientists and Why We Need Help!

Life for computer science students

The Difference Between Information Technology and Computer Science

I get this question so many times from students aspiring to make it big is the world of computing. Someone will ask, is taking an Information technology course similar to computer science? If you are asking the same question, then the answer is ‘Hell NO!’ Though most computer science students you might know end up becoming ‘IT Guys’, they are meant to become something more! In my opinion, most of the computer science students who turn to become IT people have limited imagination. In life, you can only become what you imagine!

As Albert Einstein quote. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Information technology graduates are meant  installing, organizing and maintaining computer systems as well as designing and operating networks and databases

Computer science graduates are meant to be good in programming computer by writing sound mathematical algorithms. Yes! That is what I do all day! From writing simple programs to machine learning.

Stuck With Computer Science Assignment? Here is how we done it! Asking for help is not a problem as long as you are learning! Don’t rely on other people helping you do your assignments all the time! Ask for help only when it is necessary, else you will never become a real computer scientists.

  1. Google or yahoo it!
  2. Ask friends for help,
  3. Get coffee and do it or  get help online!

That is basically it! The bottom line is: Ask to learn not to get better grades!

When it comes to homework writing, if you are a don’t know a simple thing like the difference between a class, data structures, and the general computer programing stuff, you need all the help you can get!

A word of encouragement though! You are not alone! I have seen many students who come online begging to have their computer assignments done and they have zero understanding on what the lecturer want done.

If you get stuck, ask someone to help. It might cost you a little money, but it is really worth it.

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