Islamic Fundamentalism Analysis

Islamic Fundamentalism Article Analysis

“Islamic fundamentalism” is a non-existent movement created by the West to discredit the practice and belief in Islam as a religion. These fears and allegations are deeply rooted in the history of the west with the Islam world. As early as the 7th century, during the crusades, the West has always waged a campaign against Islam, labelling it as an outdated and violent religion.

The Westerners have no justification whatsoever to claim that “Islamic fundamentalism” is present and is responsible for the acts of terror. Groups like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan’s Islamic Party are renowned activists, championing for better livelihood of their countries from the political powers and a non-violent Islam. As Postulated by Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus, the idea of “Islamic fundamentalism” is a total fabrication.(Ba-Yunus,45)

According to the Westerners, movements behind a return to Islam are terrorist groups responsible for acts of terror worldwide. This is completely false as these groups have been involved in acts of humanitarian aid as well as try to restore order in order less Islamic states. Their actions have nevertheless been taken as propagating violence.Despite their appeal back in their countries, the Islamic movements do not inspire many abroad. The extremists take advantage of the situation and fight the West. Jihadist movements like Taliban and Al-Queda push for measures that contravene the beliefs of the Islamists.(Roy Global Policy Forum)

As a matter of fact, the Islamists have never waged war against the Christians nor the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the Copts. There always exists good blood between the genuine devotees.The establishment of the “Muslim Lawyers Guild”is set to make certain that believers of the Islam faith worldwide are not discriminated or treated any less as per the national and global laws. This will ensure that extremist’s views on Islam by western media do not jeopardize Muslims in their day to day lives. (Muslim Lawyers Guild )

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