Freed Blacks Essay

This essay documents the oppression and harassment of freed black.

The freed black underwent a lot of oppression and harassment during the war and many lost their lives, properties and were denied some of their inherent rights hence there was need for the blacks to end the war in order to regain their rights and land back

The Blackman who were slaves but later freed continued to fight for their way to freedom since the years that had been fighting up during the civil war whose main agenda was freeing the slaves and granting nationality to the African Americans.

The civil war was a fulcrum for the civil rights movement to which the war the country was poised to bestow full citizenship on the millions of the freed blacks granting them the same rights and protection enjoyed by them while citizens through passage of various Amendments, with the 13th amendment that officially abolished slavery, the 14th amendment that guaranteed equal protection under the law to all America ands and finally the 15th Amendment that gave the blacks the right to vote. This saw the push of equality for the former slave and their integration into the American society (William Barney, 201).

After the war there was focused on resolving their slavery issue through writing convention speeches. They pushed for racial uplift and moral reform in the long range attack on slavery. There was also the reconstruction of putting the nation together since the economy was stand still and most of the freedmen were illiterate without property therefore a bureau was created to tackle the massive problems associated with the refugees, freedmen and the abandoned lands(Finkelman, 2006).

The integration happened since the rights of the black were violated and there was need for the freed slaves to be sent back to Africa. There was also the progressiveness when most of the freed blacks were elected to local, state and federal offices through the Civil Rights Act which was one of the most comprehensive Civil Rights legislation in the nation’s history of the Americans regardless of color.

The Blacks who were freed after the civil war enjoyed many privileges that their predecessors had always fought for. This included the ability to vote, hold office and even attend schools; they could also marry due to the legalized inter-racial marriage. Despite these improvements, life of the freed blacks has been smoother due to the freedoms they enjoy as opposed and compared to when they were oppressed and denied their rights during the fighting (Barney, 201).

During the war the freed black men were left without land and thereby forced to work as labourers in the white large owned plantations for them to earn aliving.Most however clashed with their slave masters due to the re-establishment of aging-labour system that prevailed under slavery. With the need to regulate the labour market and assert white supremacy there was restrictive legislation that denied the blacks legal equality and political rights hence requiring them to sign labour contract.

With blacks being mostly servants working in tobacco plantations before abolition of slavery, the blacks attempted to re-establish alabour force due to their need for economic independence and autonomy rather than depending on the white’s farm as slaves. The blacks also needed compensation after their long time of suffering in slavery hence they were to be compensated piece of lands since they were abandoned in their lands and during reconstruction there was conflict in the labour areas that resulted in sharecropping system where blacks rented small plots of land in return for apportion of their crop given to the land owners.

Despite this long period of slavery, landlessness and harsh working conditions of slavery the blacks were eventually freed and they gained their freedom back accompanied by rights

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