Seek Computer Science Homework Help or Do It Yourself?

Becoming a computer scientists is not easy and I promise you will have three friends at most: Your mac / computer, IDE, and Coffee!

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma. You got some work to do and you don’t feel like doing it? It happens all the time. I remember taking my first computing class! I barely knew how to write a single line of code, leave alone writing the entire program that prints the infamous ‘Hello World’ in C. I believed in myself so I had to learn how to code and eventually through seeking computer science homework help online, I am now a seasoned web developer with a number of clients working at the comfort¬† of my small office in a foreign country.

We have all been stuck with school work no matter how good we are. May be you went out and had a lot of fun, you were sick, or you were as lazy I was while in college. (I am no longer freaking lazy! Continue reading “Seek Computer Science Homework Help or Do It Yourself?”