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Becoming a computer scientists is not easy and I promise you will have three friends at most: Your mac / computer, IDE, and Coffee!

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma. You got some work to do and you don’t feel like doing it? It happens all the time. I remember taking my first computing class! I barely knew how to write a single line of code, leave alone writing the entire program that prints the infamous ‘Hello World’ in C. I believed in myself so I had to learn how to code and eventually through seeking computer science homework help online, I am now a seasoned web developer with a number of clients working at the comfort  of my small office in a foreign country.

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Wynn Resorts Analysis Essay

Wynn Resorts Essay


Wynn resort is a public listed company that is based in Paradise, Nevada. Started in 2002 the hotel usually deals with high end hotels and casinos. This paper will evaluate the role of the owner, Steven Wynn in the operations of the resorts, the powers that he holds in the actual running of the hotel chain. It will also assess the outcomes that may arise if the owner, Mr. Wynn leaves the company, what would be the repercussions of when this vacuum is created by his exit. This paper will also focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy for the hotel chain based in Macau PPC. Finally the paper will also address measures that Wynn’s management should take to ensure that that its main sources of revenue, Wynn Las Vegas and Macau continue to be profitable.

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Islamic Fundamentalism Analysis

Islamic Fundamentalism Article Analysis

“Islamic fundamentalism” is a non-existent movement created by the West to discredit the practice and belief in Islam as a religion. These fears and allegations are deeply rooted in the history of the west with the Islam world. As early as the 7th century, during the crusades, the West has always waged a campaign against Islam, labelling it as an outdated and violent religion.

The Westerners have no justification whatsoever to claim that “Islamic fundamentalism” is present and is responsible for the acts of terror. Groups like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan’s Islamic Party are renowned activists, championing for better livelihood of their countries from the political powers and a non-violent Islam. As Postulated by Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus, the idea of “Islamic fundamentalism” is a total fabrication.(Ba-Yunus,45)

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Freed Blacks Essay

This essay documents the oppression and harassment of freed black.

The freed black underwent a lot of oppression and harassment during the war and many lost their lives, properties and were denied some of their inherent rights hence there was need for the blacks to end the war in order to regain their rights and land back

The Blackman who were slaves but later freed continued to fight for their way to freedom since the years that had been fighting up during the civil war whose main agenda was freeing the slaves and granting nationality to the African Americans.

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Black Americans Social Integration Essay

An Essay on Social Integration

The historical period (1965-1980) in America witnessed the shifting of civil rights movement tactics and goals by the black Americans with significant gains being recognized. However, the gains were toughened by the white backlash as well as retreat. There was massive rise of black American nationalism spearheaded by the likes of Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, and Floyd McKissick amongst others.

This became quite evident with Pres. Johnson focusing more on the Vietnamese war and having less concern over the civil rights movement. The elections as well did reflect white opposition towards racial integration because the conservative Republicans captured more seats in Congress (Hine, 223)
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Sherman’s March to the Sea

Sherman’s march to the Sea

The term Sherman’s March to the sea is commonly used by historians and scholars in reference to Savannah Campaign of 15th November 1864 to 21st December 1864 during the Civil War period. This march started on 16tth November 1864 when the union army under Maj. Gen William T. Sherman left the captured city of Atlanta in Georgia and this march ended on 21st December the same year when these troops captured the port of Savannah (Trudeau,2008). To this effect, this research paper will examine some of the reasons that led to Sherman’s march and in addition to this; the paper will examine the effects of this march on the American Civil War.

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Zionism Research Paper

The Zionism Research Paper

Zionism is a national movement, which is believed to have been introduced by Theodor Herzl in 19th century. Zionism relates to Judaism and Jewish cultures. Zionism came because of need to build or construct a Jewish life due to modernity and that could only happen in Eretz Israel. The original goal of Zionism was to support and create a Jewish national state at Palestine. The current form of Zionism is to dominate Middle East and the Palestine. The Zionism movement insisted on creating a home for the Jews in order to have a collective identity. Through creation of a Jewish home, the Jews would then respond to the challenges of modernity through the formation of a Jewish country in Israel. There was mass immigration after the Zionist movement(Gottheil, 20).

The time came for Jewish to go back to their ancestral land. The Jews were encouraged by the strong intervention from “messiahs”. The messiahs persuaded the Jews to go back to Palestine. The Jews believed that their state happened after Jacob took his sons and fled to Egypt due to the drought. While there, they were made slaves but later formed a nation. Moses was instructed by god to go and rescue his people so he went before pharaoh and demanded him to let his people free. This consists of the story of plagues and the movement from Egypt, which happened around 1400BC.These celebrations are held every year during Passover.Zionism also gives us a good example to the reason of nationalism in rebuilding of countries. Zionism also, according to Anderson,is a nationalism process of recalling and forgetting important ideas of the same identities. The normal explanation of how Zionism emerged is due to widely spread of anti-Semitism. The Zionism movement came because of anti-Semitic events in the 18th century (Friedman, 10).
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Accounting Help – Accounting for inventory using the perpetual inventory system

P6-34B (Must be completed on EXCEL separated by own sheets)

Need accounting homework help on the following:

Accounting for inventory using the perpetual inventory system—FIFO, LIFO, and weighted-average, and comparing FIFO, LIFO, and weighted-average.

Decorative Steel began January with 70 units of iron inventory that cost $25 each. During January, the company completed the following inventory transactions:

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